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Hi, we are Chang Diving Center also known as Scandinavian Divers. Located on the beautiful island of Koh Chang, Thailand, we’ve been serving divers since the Year 2005! Our 5* PADI / SDI / TDI Instructor Training Center offers the best scuba diving courses, diving, snorkelling and service around the island. An experience, we’re proud of and always improving with new courses – packages and trips.

Chang Diving Anniversary 2020

Chang Diving Anniversary 2020

We provide all PADI, SDI and TDI material in a variety of languages, our highly trained team of instructors and crew members are ready to dive every day of the week.
Most importantly, at Chang Diving Center, we create divers, not certification cards. This means that we’re here to train you professionally! Ensuring that you can dive confidently and safely. Just book with us, sit back and relax while our professional staff takes care of everything.

Everyone is welcome to join on our custom-built dive boat, where you can sunbathe, snorkel and relax together. Food and drink are provided.
Our reputation is built on a high level of safety standards and service – that’s why our guests continue to recommend and return, year after year.

Book your diving adventure with Chang Diving!

For all your fun dives or dive courses from beginner to professional divers!

Be safe wherever you dive. Get your own safe and clean personal diving equipment that you can trust for all your diving adventures around the blue planet! We got it!

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Rittichai Chamhan

Rittichai, aka Pern, is our main Dive Instructor at Chang Diving Center. He is a:

EFR Instructor
SDI Speciality Instructor
TDI Technical Instructor.

Pern is one of the most qualified instructors on Koh Chang and a very calm and attending Person. It doesn’t matter if he is teaching first time divers or technical divers, everybody can feel that Pern loves his job.

Andreas Maier

Andreas is the Managing Director. His is a:

    SDI Instructor Trainer
    TDI Instructor
    PADI Master Instructor
    EFR Instructor Trainer

with more than 3000 Dives in the Gulf of Thailand.Andreas is running Chang Diving with high quality German standards. Andreas also reintroduced technical diving to Koh Chang. Teaching is a passion for Andreas and he still knows how to make it fun after so many years.